Hungarian Educational Tourism Association (HETA) was created in 2017, Budapest, by academic experts, professors and private entrepreneurs, interested in increasing arrival of foreign students to Hungary. According to previous researches, foreign students play important role in development of Hungarian higher education and in tourism revenue generation.

It is in the interest of higher educational institutes (high schools, universities) and local enterprises as well to attract more and more foreign students. Students learning abroad are generally called “EDUCATIONAL TOURISTS”, and these students generally bring more revenues by their spending to a given region (town or country) than the richest business tourists.

Those educational tourists are also more environment friendly, then the usual leisure time tourists.

At the same time, it is not easy to increase the number of foreign students in a region: the need special services, special programs in their high schools and universities, special free time programs, special accommodations, etc.

Aim of Hungarian Educational Tourism Association is to

  • Help foreign students in Hungary,
  • Help higher educational organizations to working out special curriculum and other services for the foreign students,
  • Help Hungarian enterprises to working out special services for the foreign students,
  • Help Hungarian municipalities and other public bodies in helping the foreign students,
  • Help Hungarian persons to understanding the importance and the benefits of the foreign students for a given region,

In this activities HETA is running homepages and help collecting information of foreign students, and this association is providing relevant information to enterprises, public authorities, and NGOs.

President of our Association is Dr. Laszlo Arva, professor of ESSCA (École Supérieure des Sciences Commerciales d’Angers), Budapest Department.

Members of the Presidium of the Association are:

Dr. Várhelyi Tamás, General Director of the Agria Térségfejlesztési Kft, a development company of the Eger region;

Dr. Jandala Csilla, Professor of University of Sopron.